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Project Risk Management Consulting

In many instances projects will require more than just a workshop facilitator or risk management training session to effectively address their risks. At Project Risk Manager, we offer a project risk management consulting service which aims to reduce the load on clients’ project risk management teams by making sure that all risks are correctly logged, defined and quantified with practical and achievable mitigations established for each risk. We also check to ensure that all logged risks are relevant to our clients’ project scope and responsibility limits, and will flag up any risks which we feel may be beyond the remit or control of our clients’ organisation or project.

By optimising risk registers in this manner, and working directly with our clients Risk Management Teams to ensure all mitigations are effectively implemented by the assigned risk owners within their target dates, clients can rest assured that not only will their projects be completed with greatly reduced risk exposure, but will also have saved valuable man-hours in the process.

To check availability, discuss our proposal in more detail, or to book a consultant, please contact us through our website and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.