Technical Details

Effective project risk management can mean the difference between success and failure of a project, and it is with this in mind that we have developed our Project Risk Manager software application. The application is based on ISO 31000:2009, “Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines” and ISO 31010:2009, “Risk Assessment Techniques”. However, we have also designed the software to be as intuitive as possible, guiding the user to accurately identify, quantify and mitigate each risk on their project.

We can provide custom built, in-house versions of the software on request, but our standard software package is a cloud hosted, client-server based application, meaning you never have to worry about losing data and you can assign as many users as permitted by your subscription, at four different access right levels, to access and update risks on your risk register. Here's how it works:

  1. Being cloud hosted, all your data is guaranteed to be safely and securely stored by us through our secure cloud hosting facility. No one, apart from those users who you grant access rights to, can view or edit your data, and your data is continuously backed up on our cloud server, giving you peace of mind that it will never be lost. The application will also run offline, meaning users may continue to add or edit data on their local devices, even when they are not connected to the cloud. As soon as they are back online, their data will be synchronised with the cloud server and all changes will be automatically updated on both the server and their local devices.
  2. As a client-server application, you will be able to assign multiple active users who can all work simultaneously on the application. Each active user may be assigned access rights at one of four security levels, these being:
    • System Administrator - Who has full access rights to set up the application’s global system parameters, assign new system and project administrators, and may access all lower security levels.
    • Project Administrator – Who has full access rights to all project data, to add new or edit existing projects and contacts, configure all project risk parameters, assign new risk managers and risk owners, and may access all lower security levels.
    • Risk Manager – Who has full access rights only to those projects they have been assigned to, to edit these projects, add and approve new risks, assign new risk owners, and may access all lower security levels.
    • Risk Owner – Who has full access rights only to those risks assigned to them, to edit and manage these risks through to closure, or add and submit new risks for approval.

In addition to the four active user access right levels, any number of inactive users may also be added with "Guest" access rights. This allows guests to view all projects and risk registers and run reports for information purposes, but they will not be able to add, edit or delete any data in the application.

Note: Users at all access rights levels may view and run reports on all projects.

Our standard, cloud based software version is available to purchase on an annual licence subscription basis, meaning you never have to worry about software upgrades, bug fixes or new version releases. These will all be done automatically for you, ensuring that you always have the latest version available while being an active subscriber. Should you require a custom built, in-house version of the software, this can be provided on a fixed price basis, with an optional annual maintenance fee. Please contact us directly for a proposal on our custom built, in-house version of the application.